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  • African-Black-Soap-with-Goats-MilkAfrican-Black-Soap-with-Goats-Milk

    African Black Soap with Goat’s Milk | Tanya’s Bath and Body


    Revitalize your skin with our African Black Soap with Goat’s Milk, a versatile solution for both oily and dry skin types. This unique soap is expertly formulated to cleanse your skin thoroughly, helping to reduce blemishes and breakouts. Enriched with the hydrating qualities of goat’s milk, it ensures your skin remains moisturized and smooth after each use.

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  • Gingerbread Man Candle with Whipped Candle FrostingGingerbread Man Candle with Whipped Candle Frosting

    Gingerbread Man Candle with Whipped Candle Frosting


    This Gingerbread Man Whipped Candle is the perfect addition to your holiday decor or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

    • Whipped Candle
    • Scented in Gingerbread Fragrance
    • Cute Gingerbread Man Design

    The scent of this candle will fill your home with the delicious aroma of freshly baked gingerbread, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

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  • Whipped Mango ButterWhipped Mango Butter

    Mango Body Butter Whipped


    Our Mango Body Butter Whipped has Nourishing Soothing Formula Body Butter that will restore your skin’s elasticity, resulting in younger looking skin. Our Mango body butter nourishes, regenerates and protects your skin. Daily use aims at restoring suppleness and elasticity.

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  • Pink Himalayan Salts with Rose Petals

    Pink Himalayan Salts with Rose Petals


    Our pink Himalayan salts with rose petals serenity bath are soothing to the mind body and soul. Relax, renew and refresh with a serenity bath. Our Himalayan Salts are hand harvested from remote Himalayas free from impurities packed with rich essential minerals, create an invigorating and refreshing bath.

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