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Doughnut Bath Bomb Fizzy with Glazed Icing

Doughnut Bath Bomb Fizzy with Glazed Icing

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Indulge in a delightful bathing experience with our Doughnut Bath Bomb Fizzy with Glazed Icing, a unique and playful addition to your bath routine. Enriched with shea butter, these bath bombs offer excellent skin moisturizing benefits, creating a luxurious and bubbly soak. Available in your choice of fragrances, they are designed to cater to your personal preference.

Each bath bomb is artfully drizzled with pink glazed frosting and adorned with sparkles and sprinkles, adding a whimsical touch. Perfect for those seeking a fun yet nourishing bath experience, our Doughnut Bath Bomb Fizzies are a treat for the senses and the skin.

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